By Avani Raj-

The Indian Army has several protocols and measures to follow and abide by during the recruitment process, out of which one is to ensure good health and proper physique. Certifying the mental and physical well-being of the candidate is primarily far-reaching for tasks assigned.

Here a question arises, whether aspects like height and weight of the candidate can be overlooked during the PFT (Physical Fitness Test).

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What Are The Eligibility Requirements And Tests?

The significant physical tests include eye, ENT, a trace of any previous surgery, X-ray, ultrasound, blood test, ECG, and BP. The insignificant ones are height and weight.

The case we are discussing is such wherein all tests have been licensed while only the height of the candidate is slightly lesser than the eligibility criterion (5'0'’ — 6'8'’ for males and 4'10'’ — 6'8'’ for females). …

By: Anjali Tripathi

The legal profession in India is pursued by a large number of individuals. There are several reasons behind this. Firstly, law is the conventional profession which has been the apple of the eye of parents since forever.

Secondly, the perception is that lawyers are highly paid. Thirdly, legal studies give a wide range of options to students once they graduate from law school.

Due to these factors, law has remained a popular subject among undergraduate students. However, will the legal profession remain the same in the next 20 years or so?

Being a law student, I think it would change drastically. In India, the standard of legal education is declining at a rapid pace. This may translate into a substantive brain-drain from India to other countries. …

By Mahima Negi:

This approach aims at making people accept their bodies but its way of doing that is not by preaching love for our physical appearance, rather the central focus is on what our body is capable of doing rather than trying to accept and love how it looks.

Therefore, rather than telling us to feel positive about our body and how it looks, it tends to shift our view beyond the realm of physical appearance itself.

Recently, there has been a lot of controversies regarding the counterproductive effects of the body positive movement. Body neutrality, which is a fairly new view, tries to counter the body image issue differently, but is this method better? …

By Somnath:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released a growth chart which compared the real per capita GDP of several countries and it was shocking to see India trailing Bangladesh in the race. It shows that Bangladesh may take over India’s per capita by 2021.

And like any other time, our country’s beloved Rahul Gandhi took a chance to take a dig at the government for this. He was being particularly sarcastic about it, calling it a “ solid achievement of six years of BJP’s hate-filled cultural nationalism “ as per Business Standard.

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But are we comparing both the economies on the right kind of metrics? This article talks about the same. …

By Somnath -

They say that a lie repeated several times sounds like the truth very soon. And sometimes, the false narrative bites you, which the common man doesn’t realize.

Although, the Indian Army has been a largely apolitical and secular organization, they are affected by false narratives such as that of Kunan Poshpora rapes, burning villages, hoarding money, etc.

We also see that highlights like surgical strikes, air strikes and other border disputes are very often used as political agendas during elections. …

By Aiswarya Anil:

Kamala Harris’ election into office as the Vice President of the United States of America is a great win for not just democracy, but for the many women in the world who are aspiring to be politicians someday, and for the others who love listening to stories about empowering women.

Indians were especially moved by her victory, as she is of Indian origin. However, some people were quick to point out some of the bad endeavours that she was part of during her job as an attorney in Chicago and San Francisco.

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While many of these stances have changed, she has also been contradictory on the rest of them. …

By Aiswarya Anil:

Established by John Stith Pemberton in 1886, the Coca-Cola Company has been around us for a very long time. It is one of the largest soft-drinks companies in the world and has been integral to the growth of consumer capitalism owing to its greater reach across the globe.

Coca-Cola entered the Indian market in the 1950s, at a time when capitalism was spreading around the world. However, India was striving to establish a socialist republic, following the socialist sentiments of the Indian national movement.

Coca-Cola has been known as one of the largest capitalist conglomerates and has been criticized for its exploitative nature. In fact, in 2001, the Coca-Cola plant in Kerala was accused of leaving farmlands poisoned and parched due to its huge water demand. …

By Ritika Nijhawan

Remote working has started gaining a lot of attention, especially during the pandemic. While currently people are left with no choice but to operate from home, this distant working concept would likely gain more and more interest in the years to come.

Since we cannot meet people nowadays, it is really important to maintain a personal touch with everyone through impressive communication skills. When it comes to communicating your thoughts, your speech and expressions both play a pivotal role.

This is when emojis come into the picture during online conversations.

Emojis or emoticons are no longer just fun characters that we exchange with our close friends. They have been making their space in corporate communications for quite some time now. Emoticons facilitate effective business communication across organizations and we all know how strong communication is a pillar for every organization. …

By Mahima Negi:

It all started in the 1970s when a woman who claimed to be Wilayat, Begum of Oudh showed up on the New Delhi Railway Station.

She had brought with her, tonnes of carpets, bags full of jewellery, precious porcelain crockeries, invaluable silver tea sets, few servants, eleven Great Danes, and two children, known as Prince Ali Raza and Princess Sakina.

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How It All Began

In 1856, a kingdom in the present-day Uttar Pradesh, Oudh, was annexed by the East India Company. The then-ruler, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was banished to Calcutta, where he died thirty years later.

She professed to be a direct descendant of Wajid Ali Shah, the former ruler of Oudh and wished for the glory that her lineage had been denied. She ached for recognition for her family’s sacrifice and appropriate treatment as per her royal status. …

By Mahima Negi:

We could be spontaneous and escape the city life, wander in the hills or celebrate festivals on a beach or visit a different state. We wanted to explore the world and dreamt of walking the streets of New York, imagined ourselves wearing vintage clothes in the boulevards of Paris, and shared the ultimate fantasy of backpacking across Europe.

But now, even the idea of travelling makes us anxious.

Who knew that in 2020, the only one travelling the world would be a dangerous and potentially lethal virus that spreads through human contact, consequently sabotaging all our dreams and confining us to our homes. …

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