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By Sai Soundarya:

If you’ve been on social media especially in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed that Netflix’s new show Squid Game has become an unstoppable hit.

Squid Game, the worldwide hit thriller series directed by a South Korean filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk, has been labeled as Netflix’s most popular original…

By Sai Soundarya:

India is on the verge of a catastrophic power crisis. Coal-fired power plants have an average of four days’ worth of energy, and more than half of them are on outage alert. …

By Akanksha Yadav:

Owing to recent controversies, the popular social media app Instagram has received widespread bashing for allegedly affecting the mental health of teenagers, especially girls.

This has been affirmed by internal researchers at Facebook-owned Instagram, who have found that the app poses serious mental health problems to many…

By Richa Fulara:

Taliban took over Afghanistan and announced the formation of a Taliban government led by Hasan Akhund, the new Prime Minister of Afghanistan. It has also set up a cabinet and appointed various ministers to take care of the day-to-day administration of the state.

Taliban Government On Kashmir Issue

The Taliban government is…

By Kushan Niyogi:

Afghanistan has become the bedrock for international turmoil and the absolution of contentious conflicts. The statutory warnings of an upheaval of the most terrifying degree have become the curtain call for global politics all around.

However, what concerns the most is the trident formed between Pakistan, Russia…

By Sai Soundarya:

The Indian Economy is in turmoil, with major signs pointing to a lengthy slowdown. Since April, the coronavirus pandemic has damaged all sectors of the Indian economy, and recovery appears doubtful this year. …

By Kushan Niyogi:

The tension surrounding the Afghan people and their strife for survival have gained a frantic point owing to the Taliban insurgence. Atrocities have become commonplace and in more instances than not, are being poised as the new normal.

The purported normalization of these human rights violations has…

By Kushan Niyogi

As Afghanistan falls deeper into the cravens of the man-made hellhole of despair and anguish, the Taliban infiltrates further into the country’s hinterland.

Having successfully taken over most major cities of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals, the terrorist group, Taliban, has now set its eyes upon the capital city…

By Sai Soundarya -

Although P R Sreejesh defended the goal during India’s bronze-medal match against Germany in the Olympics, there’s another individual who has safeguarded hockey’s interests in the nation.

While everyone else was hyping and glorifying cricket, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik, safeguarded and promoted…

By Kushan Niyogi -

As Mirabai Chanu raised the bar for Indian Olympiads, the entirety of the Indian hinterland joined hands to celebrate her win with enormous oomph.

It was the first time that India had secured a medal in weightlifting, and an Indian had showcased her strength in front…

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