By Chirali Sharma -

The coronavirus vaccination drive is going at full speed these days, with celebrities and influencers posting hundreds of selfies, in a signature pose of them getting their COVID-19 vaccines.

These tactics are to promote the vaccines and make sure everyone gets them. However, there are also many people who are against the vaccines and actively protesting against getting them.

While there are certain people who not entirely against the vaccine but have valid questions for them, there are also some unique creatures who have concocted several conspiracy theories on why the vaccines are dangerous. …

By Avani Raj -

We have come across plenty of companies and brands standing in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and they have indeed successfully created a positive image of themselves in our eyes.

Are All Brands Faking It?

Not to undermine the efforts and initiatives of the brands, but for a skeptic like me, something seemed odd every time a brand went on displaying pride symbols and the flag. Especially when they did this only during the times of “pride month” or the “pride walk”.

Many companies have seemed to take up the trend of using the LGBTQ community’s love of rainbows for their…

By Rashmi Chakravarty:

After around 200 years of subjugation under the tyrannical rule of the British Empire, the hard-earned Independence India gained in 1947 was an occasion of celebration and jubilation. The blood and sweat of each and every person that went into the Independence struggle brought about our freedom.

But, we all know that this came at a cost…a very heavy one indeed. The Partition was perhaps one of the largest state-forced migration of people.

Several thousands lost their lives, were separated from their loved ones and their birthplace, in addition to undergoing unspeakable horrors.

Have a look at…

FlippED is an ED Original style wherein two bloggers come together to share their opposing or orthogonal perspectives on an interesting subject.

The virtual war between generations is something that is very clearly visible. The “Gen-Z vs Millennials” debate is definitely a staple in most households across the world, with the generation gap not allowing both generations to understand the thought process of the other.

Acknowledging the ever-widening generation gap across all generations, our bloggers decided to settle the debate by putting forth their opinions regarding the two generations and who is better than whom!


Born between the mid-1990s to…

By Anjali Tripathi:

Dogecoin, which has become one of the most talked-about bitcoins, finds its origin from a meme. The doge memes, featuring a Shiba Inu dog, did rounds of the internet and became so famous that it developed its online community.

It reached a market capitalization of US$ 85,314,347,523 on 5th May 2021, all thanks to social media.

In the past few years, financial researchers and economists have been researching the various factors that influence the financial market. The most impacted financial market remains speculative, i.e. share markets and now, bitcoin too.

Social media and influencers are newly added…

By Kushan Niyogi:

West Bengal has been the seat of political violence since the dawn of the modern age. The streets of Bengal have been the hub of violence that permeates the social hierarchy. The elections of 2021 were no different as they claimed the lives of around 14 party workers from the contesting parties.

This is no mere statement to say that the state of Bengal is based on revolution that has mostly been fantastically violent, as most Bengali revolutionaries believed in taking the fight to the Brits.

The very concept of ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ regurgitates through each nook and…

By Kushan Niyogi:

The grandest sport of them all with the grandest of stages, football, is known far and wide as the game for everyone, regardless of sex, caste, creed, financial and social standing, alongside myriad other factors.

What makes this game so special is its yearning to form a society where each player is created equal, and no matter what happens off the pitch, on the pitch they are all but players.

Football and India have a relationship that goes beyond the crevices of it being just another sport. …

By Darshna Kumar:

Colonial rulers did much more than exploiting India as an economy. They fashioned an image of the native Hindu that was effeminate, impotent, coward and someone who always needed a man of a different race to rule him and his nation. Such a portrayal instilled a feeling of Shame in the heart of the Hindu man.

He started to associate his failure with the fact of being a subject of British masculinity. Shame is a powerful emotion, the feeling that someone has failed leads to helplessness and humiliation.

It then expresses itself explicitly by acts of violence…

By Chirali Sharma:

The recently concluded 63rd annual Grammy Awards were talked about quite a lot. But one of the biggest things it came under fire for was the obvious exclusion of POC (people of colour) and other non-White or non-Western artists from some of the biggest awards.

The K-pop band BTS, short for Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond the Scene sadly did not win a Grammy for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category that they had been nominated in.

This brought on major accusations from fans and even other artists on the seven-membered group consisting of Jin, Suga J-Hope, RM…

By Soumyaseema:

The famous American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S holds a special place in our hearts. And its legacy is no less exceptional. Even after 25 years, we have hardly forgotten any of its catchphrases or even its dialogues, for that matter. Even if somebody has not watched the show, the catchwords are too popular to not know.

“No uterus, no opinion” is one such saying. As catchy and witty as it sounds, it can also be a little outdated, as many would insist.

Which Episode Was It?

It was the 14th episode of the eighth season. Joey, unable to contact Ross, takes Rachel to the…

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