How Jennifer Lopez’s Dress Made Google Create A New Product

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3 min readJul 25, 2023


By Katyayani Joshi -

In February 2000, the world witnessed a fashion moment that not only captivated the entertainment industry but also left a lasting impact on the tech world. When Jennifer Lopez walked the Grammy Awards red carpet in a stunning green jungle dress designed by Donatella Versace, little did anyone know that it would spark a significant transformation in the way people search for images online.

In the early days of Google, the search engine struggled to deliver images, but the buzz around J.Lo’s dress provided the catalyst for change. Here’s the fascinating story of how a single dress led to the birth of Google Image Search, forever revolutionizing how people interact with the internet.

The Dress That Stole The Show And Broke The Internet

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance at the 2000 Grammy Awards was a defining moment in fashion history. The green jungle dress, with its plunging neckline and daring cutouts, made headlines worldwide and captured the imagination of millions.

The dress, created by luxury designer Donatella Versace, showcased J.Lo’s bold and co nfident style, becoming an instant topic of conversation and a symbol of empowerment.

As the news of J.Lo’s show-stopping dress spread like wildfire, people across the globe rushed to their computers to find images of the iconic look.

However, Google, still in its early years, faced a significant challenge — it lacked an efficient way to display image results. This limitation became apparent when users searched for the famous dress, only to be greeted by a list of blue links without any visuals.

Google’s Response: The Birth Of Google Image Search

Recognizing the opportunity and the demand for visual content, Google’s then-CEO and Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, acknowledged the problem.

He famously stated, “ Google realized that they had ‘no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J.Lo wearing that dress ‘“. This realization led to a pivotal turning point for the tech giant.

Google swiftly took action and tasked engineer Huican Zhu with the mission to develop a solution. Working alongside product manager Susan Wojcicki, who later became the CEO of YouTube, Zhu embarked on creating a feature that would allow users to search for images directly.

After months of hard work and fine-tuning, Google Image Search was officially launched in July 2001, forever changing the landscape of online image exploration.

A Fashionable Tribute And A Timeless Legacy

Two decades after Jennifer Lopez’s unforgettable fashion statement, the impact of the green jungle dress on the tech world still resonates. During Versace’s Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show, the luxury brand paid homage to the dress’s enduring legacy.

Jennifer Lopez herself returned to the runway, modelling a modern re-creation of the original dress, while the giant screen behind her was adorned with Google Image Search results of the iconic look. This touching tribute celebrated not only the dress but also the significant role it played in the evolution of internet search.

Jennifer Lopez’s green jungle dress was much more than just a fashion statement; it marked a transformative moment in the history of the internet. The dress’s popularity and the subsequent demand for its images compelled Google to create a solution that gave birth to Google Image Search.

From a simple, blue link search engine, Google evolved into a visually-driven platform, catering to users’ desires for instant access to the images they sought. Jennifer Lopez’s dress became a catalyst for change, showcasing the powerful impact that a single cultural moment can have on technology and shaping the way we interact with the digital world.

As we look back on this iconic dress and its connection to the birth of Google Image Search, we are reminded of the ever-evolving nature of technology and its intertwined relationship with pop culture.

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