Will The 10 Biblical Plagues Come True; Locusts, Climate Change And Coronavirus Is Already Here

By Divija Jain:

6 months into 2020 and we’ve had cyclones, wildfires and plagues which brings up the question, ‘ Are the biblical plagues happening now?’

The series of 10 biblical plagues of Egypt have long remained a controversial topic. People have been arguing whether they happened or not for years and trying to prove it through different theories based on archaeological shreds of evidence.

What are the 10 Biblical Plagues and the story behind it?

According to the Bible, the Pharaoh of Egypt kept Israelite slaves for menial tasks and when God asked him to free them he refused.

The 10 plagues were nothing but the wrath of God against the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh promised to free the slaves but every time the plague was lifted he turned back on his word, until the 10th plague when he finally changed his mind.

  • 1st plague: Waters turned into blood in all the rivers.
  • 2nd plague: The second one exposed the population to frogs taking over the entire place, inside out.
  • 3rd plague: In the plague of lice, swarms of insects followed dead bodies of frogs everywhere.
  • 4th plague: Wild beasts were on loose in the fourth plague.
  • 5th plague: A mysterious and lethal disease spread in the livestock as well as humans.
  • 6th plague: It was called ‘boils’, painful and swollen bumps were spread over the entire body.
  • 7th plague: A powerful hailstorm accompanied by fire led to chaos and destruction.
  • 8th plague: Locusts covered the entire land and nothing could be seen clearly.
  • 9th plague: Darkness followed and people could not even see each other.
  • 10th plague: The last one was the killing of firstborn children.

A few scientists have tried explaining the plagues through different theories. The red algae theory claimed that the algae infested the waters causing frogs to leap out and fishes to die.

The disruption in the waters led to the 9 plagues one after the other.

One even claimed that the killing of firstborn children could have been a result of desperation to end the disasters being incurred by them.

This was contemplated after they examined the bodies of little children from that era. Religious sacrifices aren’t unheard of when it comes to curing all problems in life even today.

Are they happening right now?

With so much happening around let’s take a look at the current circumstances that make the biblical plagues seem so realistic.

Wildfires in Australia

The effect of climate change has been quite visible for a long time but the latest breakout of the wildfires killed thousands of animals and caused destruction in many establishments and towns.

The effect is quite similar to the 5th and 9th plague. Just like during the fifth plague many animals were killed in wildfires. Even skies were not at all clear and blue, which seemed like a wave of darkness looming over the Australian population.

Lonar Lake colour change

While this isn’t something to dread but the similarity to the algae theory causing colour changes in the water bodies (1st plague) is not something I could dismiss easily.

Due to the absence of oxygen one metre below the surface of the water and other effects caused by increased salinity of water, the colour changed to a pinkish tone.

The Lonar lake of Maharashtra has been an attraction for both tourists and scientists.


We are all very familiar with COVID-19 putting a halt to all our plans of making 2020 “The Year”. The pandemic situation bears an uncanny resemblance to the 6th plague (boils).

And to make matters worse, another ‘Flu Virus’ was recently found in China with pandemic potential.

Locust swarms

India recorded the worst locust attack in the last 26 years and authorities even warned citizens to remain on high alert. The swarm threatens to destroy the agricultural lands.

The 8th plague too was about locusts blocking everything.

Whether or not the Biblical plagues are true we must realise that a lot of the things happening right now are a result of constant misuse and exploitation of the natural resources.

The Biblical plagues and our current versions of it have one thing in common, to make us realise the wrongs we have been inflicting on nature just like the Pharaoh was inflicting on the slaves.

Originally published at https://edtimes.in on July 8, 2020.